Call for proposals : Invest in Greek Tourism with a 50% grant

The call includes , Hotels , Rooms to let, Tourist Houses, Car rental agencies, , Travel Agencies, Alternative tourism activities for the Establishment and Operation of New Tourism Small and Medium-sized Enterprises .
It will be active with a deadline on the 28th o March 2018 .
The grant rate will range from 45% reaching 50% when employment is included in the Business Plan that will be submitted .

Proposals will be rated according to the following criteria:
A. the possibility of showing own funds up to 50% of the budget
B. The quality of the submitted business plan
C. The entrepreneur’s experience.
(The lower limit of own funds to be presented is 30% of the budget. This is also a precondition for filing a proposal)
A. Tourism Enterprises that will set up following the call for which one of the following conditions apply:
– Their GNTO Permit ( Greek Tourism Organization ) has been called off.
– They have been abandoned and offered for sale to a new business (not involving the previous business or its partners)

B. Tourist enterprises established up to the call and:
– They have a tourism (55) or a construction ( and Activity
– They have zero turnover.
– They do not have a Special Operating Sign.
– They have a Building License.

a) Tourist accommodation (according to Law 4276/1414)
1. Hotels with a capacity of 10 to 50 beds
It is noted that hotel accommodation capacity of more than 50 beds is not a reason for exclusion – rejection of the proposal. However, the investment part of the investment plan for more than 50 beds will be funded with own funds.
2. Hotel accommodation in traditional buildings
3. Organized camping camps

b) Non-hotel accommodation
1. Tourist Houses under the restriction that the minimum number of Houses is three .
2. Furnished rooms – apartments (rated for 3 and 4 Keys) under the restriction that the minimum capacity will be 10 beds.
(These minimum restrictions must be complied with for at least three years after the date of completion of the investment plan.) This non-compliance may result in withdrawal of the accession decision.)

c) Travel agencies
This category includes the following businesses:
1. Car and motorbike rental agencies.
2. Tourism Road Transport Companies (TEOM) who own one or more special tourist coaches
3. Agencies engaged in professional Leisure Yachts .
d) Alternative Forms of Tourism.
e) Other business activities in the Tourism sector

* Costs of building work (improvement and Building from scratch)
* Courtyard Area Costs
* Costs of professional equipment (and vehicles available for hire such as cars)
* Expenditure on permits (building permits, environmental studies etc.)
* Advertising costs
* Means of transport such as cars
* Costs of design and installation of quality systems

* Purchase of land and buildings
* Expenditure incurred before the submission of the application file
* Used equipment

Grant rate: 45% of the total budget. It will go up to or 50% if employment increases by 0.2 EME
The total budget of each investment plan may range from € 25,000 to € 400,000

What can we do for you:
* We take over the completion and submission of the proposal in collaboration with your engineer and accountant.
* We undertake every bureaucratic process that may be needed along the way
* We can guarantee for and recommend construction contractors
* We can advise our customer in finding solutions through the implementation of the investment .
* We can be your trusted representative in doing business in Greece
All the necessary supporting documents for submitting the proposal must be submitted no later than 30 days before the deadline, otherwise our office does not assume responsibility for the filing of the file in due time.

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